Government Subsidy

There are thousands of dollars are available for training right now!

If you're interested in gaining qualifications to pursue a new career or to enhance staff member's skills there's never been a better time.

Right now, the Australian Federal Government and State Governments are offering funding support options for training across a range of industries.

Training under the Government sponsored scheme will cover several key areas:

  • Traineeships and Apprenticeships
  • Professional development
  • Industry targeted training
  • State specific industry and regional schemes
  • Small business support schemes
  • Trainees & Apprenticeships

    Traineeships and Apprenticeships will fall under the umbrella of the Australian Apprenticeships programme. Under this program, financial assistance will be offered to employers who:

    • take on an Australian School-based Apprentice
    • employ Australian Apprentices in industries with current skill shortages in rural and regional Australia
    • employ Australian Apprentices in emerging and innovative industries
    • employ and train a person with a disability
    • employ and train Mature Aged Workers
    • take on a woman in a non-traditional Australian Apprenticeship
    • work in drought declared areas.

    The official Government reference site for susbidies is available by clicking the following link

    Professional development support

    Many state governments will be providing support for people employed in key industries, allowing them to consolidate their existing skills and undertake training to gain new skills for progression in their field or industry.

    Industry targeted training

    The Australian, state and territory governments are also committed to sponsoring training programs that address specific regional or industry needs. Industries with skills shortages will receive funding to aid in training and development of employees in these fields.

    An example of this type of industry-focused funding is Go for IT. This Victorian programme is targeting individuals, particularly young people, interested in working in IT, communications or multimedia - offering support to employers taking on trainees in these areas.

    State specific industry and regional schemes

    State and territory governments also administer other funding schemes designed to assist employers and their trainees or apprentices. These include:

    • travel and accommodation allowances
    • tutorial assistance, interpreter and mentor services
    • funds for the purchase of essential tools and protective equipment
    • incentives or exemptions for payroll tax and workers' compensation
    • funding to address skills shortages, growth or emerging industries within the state or territory.

    Small business support schemes

    Some state and territory governments will also be providing targeted funding to support small businesses to develop their workforce skills. In South Australia, for example, the Government's Ticket to Training program has been developed to assist small business increase specific skills that benefit their operations. The employer is able to choose the training provider and pinpoint the type of training they require, as well as when and where the training will be delivered.

    Further details about industry funding initiatives are available from the training authority in your state or territory.

    Find out if you're eligible

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